World Cup Mazayen competitions for camels

The value of its prizes is 10 million riyals.. The “Mazayen World Cup” competitions for camels are a heritage competition in the spirit of a World Cup

The fierce competition in Qatar is not only currently between the teams in the FIFA World Cup, but also intensifies in the Mazayen World Cup Camel Festival competitions to win the title of the best in terms of beauty and strength specifications.

Under the slogan “Ships of the Desert”, the “Mazayn World Cup” competitions began on November 24

This event is organized to introduce the culture, customs and traditions of the Qatari people among visitors to the country who are fans of the World Cup football teams, which began on November 20 and will continue until December 18.

أعلام الدول المشاركة في كأس العالم ترفرف في ميدان المنافسات (وكالة الأنباء القطرية)

The Qatar Camel Decorators Club organizes the “World Cup Decorators” competitions, which specializes in camels, their beauty and beauty marks, and witnesses strong participation from camel owners from Qatar and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

More than 700 camels of different ages and categories compete with the participation of their owners from several Gulf countries to win the first place, and to maintain the excitement, the flags of the 32 countries participating in the FIFA World Cup, which is helding for the first time in an Arab Muslim country and in the Middle East, flutter in many parts of the festival area Middle.

The championship is subject to careful arbitration, to ensure the fairness of the competition, as all participating camels underwent advanced technical examination, especially genetic testing (DNA), after the Qatar Camel Beauty Salons Club launched the DNA project to build a national archive for camel beauty salons and install new slides for the camels participating in the competition. All festivals and tournaments organized by the club.

The organizers say that the event contributes to highlighting Qatar’s distinctive identity and introducing its sports, civilization, customs and traditions to the people and fans coming to attend the World Cup.

camel categories

The festival includes many competitions for camel outfitters, divided into categories, including Al-Asayel, Al-Majahim, and Al-Maghatir. The competition takes place to choose the most beautiful camel or group of camels, and the evaluation and selection takes place according to specific specifications and criteria known to the specialists.

The criteria for determining beauty among camels in competitions are that their beauty should be natural and not artificial, especially with regard to the large size of the head, the height and length of the neck, the length, size and shape of the eyelashes, provided that the nose is thin and wide, and the lips are drooping and long to cover the teeth, in addition to the shape of the ears. And the hump, as well as the curly hair that completes the beauty specifications.

The “Asayel” camel was named by this name because it is purebred of the free-breed camels that were among some tribes of the Arabian Peninsula, and “Al-Majahim” is a type of camel called Najdi and characterized by its large size and black color, and it is one of the most common species in the Arabian Peninsula.

As for the “Al Maghatir”, it is a type characterizing by its medium size, medium production of milk, and aesthetic appearance.
Due to its bright white colour, the Maghatir is the second most common type of camel in Saudi Arabia and one of the most valuable Bedouin possessions in central and northern Arabia since ancient times.

10 million riyals

The total prize pool in the Mazayen World Cup, which combines the excitement of football and traditional competition, is 10 million Qatari riyals, equivalent to $2.75 million. There are also in-kind prizes; 15 gold, 15 silver, and 15 bronze cups, in addition to 15 gold, 15 silver, and 15 bronze medals.

The jury includes experts and specialists in the field who choose the most beautiful and strongest camels to get the first positions, and the owner of each camel that wins first place in a category gets 200,000 riyals and the gold cup, and after the awards ceremony, the winning camels appear on the track again with their medals around their necks.

In the Gulf region – especially in Qatar, the Emirates and Saudi Arabia – many private camel competitions and races are organizing, the prizes of which reach millions of riyals, as the prizes for one of the rounds exceeded about 10 million riyals.

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