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Tourism in Jizan – Saudi Arabia

let us get to know together the best tourism places in Jizan as well as its wonderful features

Tourism in Jizan – The city of Jizan, or Jazan as some call it, is one of the most beautiful and important cities in Saudi Arabia.

As it is located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the Red Sea coast, and distinguished by its wonderful coral reefs.

The city is characterized by various crops, but the number of Its population is not huge, but due to its narrow area.

It has considered one of the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the highest population density.

According to 2018 statistics, the population of the region is about 1.4 million people, so let us get to know together the best tourism places in Jizan as well as its wonderful features.

The best tourism places in Jizan are very impressive 

Fifa governorate mountains

Fifa known as the city that embraces the sky, as there are very tall mountains with heights of more than 1,800 meters.

It is characterized because of the cool atmosphere and high peaks, where the tourist finds heritage, markets, also stalls, shops, and old exhibits.

The ancient mountain houses stand in it as a witness to its ancient history, and these mountains adorned with

millions of terraces that lead the summit to the bottom of the mountain.

What distinguishes them is the engineering method which created to drain water from its summit, to be a fertile site for agriculture.

Tourism in Jizan - Saudi Arabia

Lajab ValleyTourism in Jizan – Saudi Arabia – 

The history of this valley dates back to the era of African refraction, when rising mountains with very hard rocks

appeared in it, and this valley characterized by the shape of the groove and the fracture rift in it, you can enter

your car to a distance of 2 km inside it.

then the path narrows afterwards and you can continue walking and see waterfalls and lakes scattered along its length.

Tourism in Jizan - Saudi Arabia

Jazan Dam Lake – Tourism in Jizan

It is one of the best places in Jizan, and it represents a very prominent and important tourist site, and there is a

new project in it that aims to exploit the natural capabilities and provide comfort and pleasure to visitors. and natural beauty.

Natural that attracts all visitors. All geological evidence points to the existence of erosion processes millions of years ago.

Jazan Dam Lake 

More of the most amazing tourism places in Jizan

Heritage Village 

One of the most important tourist places in Jizan, or also as its official name Jazan, is the Heritage Village.

This village is one of the most famous cultural landmarks in the city, considered a distinguished tourist center.

In addition, it holds an annual winter festival in which various famous Jazan meals presented.

Even that there are a large number of museums and those wishing to present works to visitors.

Heritage Village 

Jazan Antiquities Museum 

Is this museum one of the best tourist places in Jizan? naturally! This museum has emerged in the Sabya

governorate and also presented a lot of heritage and archaeological works  back to the stone ages.

This museum divided into seminar halls and there is a library in it. as well as a special laboratory for examining antiquities.

Tourism in Jizan - Saudi Arabia

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