The World Cup puts Qatar on the world tourism map

The tourism sector in the State of Qatar has experienced a great boom in recent years, after it achieved remarkable growth rates, whether in terms of the number of visitors to Qatar, or in terms of advancement, infrastructure development and tourism sector governance in order to achieve economic diversification in the country.

The latest statistics issued by the Qatar Planning and Statistics Authority showed that the number of visitors to Qatar during the month of June reached more than 145,600 visitors, recording a growth rate of 499.5%, compared to about 24,200 visitors in the same month last year.

The figures showed that the Gulf market topped in terms of the number of visitors, with numbers of 59,620 visitors, followed by Asian countries and Oceania, with about 33,790 visitors, while the percentage of visitors from other Arab countries reached about 10,000 visitors, and from the European continent about 24,500 visitors. .

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Saeed Al-Hajri, director of a tourism company, explains that the increase in the number of visitors to the State of Qatar is due to the fact that Doha has become one of the most famous and fastest growing tourist destinations, as it has excellent tourist infrastructure, and owns a hotel system with international brands, various museums, heritage and modern markets, as well as Distinguished infrastructure in the road sector, in addition to a modern airport that ranks first in the Middle East and a 5-star airline.

Al-Hajri says, in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, that there is also a close connection between the increase in the number of tourists to the State of Qatar and the approaching date of the FIFA World Cup finals, especially since Qatar has become a target for any tourist in the world to get to know it, whether at the present time or during the World Cup period.

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He adds that hosting the World Cup is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as Qatar will host tourists from all over the world, and therefore officials in the tourism sector must take advantage of this opportunity and build on it in order to make Qatar one of the distinctive tourist destinations, whether in the Middle East or abroad. the scientist.

Tourism in Qatar has recently become a growing industry that has succeeded in a short period of time in achieving economic diversification, contributing to the gross domestic product, and creating huge investment opportunities, according to Al-Hajri.

Qatar Tourism adopts a multiple approach aimed at building a vibrant and sustainable tourism sector, allowing it to attract 6 million visitors annually by 2030, as well as strengthening Qatar’s position as a prestigious tourist destination.


In turn, the economist Abdullah Al-Khater considers that there are many factors that contributed to the large increase in the number of visitors, most notably Qatar’s ability to control the Covid-19 pandemic, and the return of life to normal, as well as providing all the elements of attraction for tourists, as well as the elements of investment in various sectors. economic fields.

Al-Khater said, in a statement to Al-Jazeera Net, that Qatar’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup after a few months has a major role from now in increasing the number of tourists to Qatar, especially in light of Qatar’s promotional tourism campaigns being linked to this huge sporting event that the whole world is waiting for.

He adds that the prestigious global position that Qatar has achieved in various political, economic and security fields has created it as a capital of peace and a global tourist destination, especially in light of the stability the region is experiencing compared to the Russian-Ukrainian war.


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