The Pointe Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Learn about wonderful place to visit in dubai, The Pointe Palm

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah – The list of integrated destinations in the Emirate of Dubai is long and unique in its

facilities and entertainment services under one roof, and is often located in the most prominent streets of Dubai.

Dubai has been classified as a tourist center and a distinctive shopping destination. It is also considered one of

the picturesque and most developed cities in the Middle East and the world, as it gives its visitors and residents

many opportunities to enjoy, suitable for all people and occasions, whether you want to spend quality time with your friends or with family, Dubai will offer you countless choices.

We will devote today’s article to talking about one of the tourist and recreational destinations in the open air

which combines shopping, entertainment and eating the most delicious food, which is the wonderful Point Dubai.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah combines restaurants overlooking the charming waterfront, shops and kiosks, in

addition to a group of fountains accompanied by lighting and music that offers visitors amazing offers.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Point Dubai entertainment  

facilities and activities at The Pointe Palm

The Pointe Dubai is the icon of leisure tourism destinations in Dubai, which made it the first destination for families.

Below is a list of facilities and activities at The Pointe Palm Jumeirah:

Palm Fountain

The Dubai Mall Dancing Fountain is no longer the only fountain that captures the world’s eyes.

The Palm Jumeirah Fountain, which has won wide international fame, has become the largest dancing fountain in

the world, which extends along The Pointe Street, which is located on the Palm Jumeirah coast.

The fountain covers an area of ​​14,000 square feet of water, breaking a new record in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Pointe Palm

Reel Cinema

The Pointe Dubai distinguished by its inclusion of Reel Cinemas, one of the most famous cinemas in Dubai, as it

provides its visitors at The Pointe with the opportunity to try classic American cuisine while watching the latest

films, which are supervised by international chef Guy Fieri.

Reel Cinema


Cheeky Monkeys -The Pointe Palm

Cheeky Monkeys The Point The Palm is one of the best indoor entertainment places for children in Dubai, as it

provides children with a huge play and learning area.

The games are divided into 5 levels, including climbing and skating games, and there is also an area for children’s parties.

fitness clubsPen

Point Fitness 

Pen Point Fitness specialized in organizing fitness classes to obtain a healthy body.

The center distinguished by limiting the lessons to the presence of 10 trainees in each lesson only, in an effort

to improve the participants’ training experience with high levels of focus and accuracy.

The Pointe Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Fitbox Club – The Pointe Palm

Fitbox Gym is one of the most famous sports clubs in Palm Jumeirah, as it provides subscribers with the latest

equipment within facilities that simulate the highest standards.

The center characterized by its inclusion of a cadre of trainers who have sufficient experience to put you on the right path!

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