The Global Village – Dubai

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The Global Village opens its doors for more than 180 days in its 27th season, which extends from October 25

2022 to April 29, 2023, during which you will discover the most beautiful things that the global continents have to offer.

For this year’s season, the most famous amusement park in the region, “Amusement Park”, welcomes visitors to

explore more than 27 game areas, to enjoy exciting shows, eat delicious dishes in many new restaurants, and

stroll on the newly invented “Road of Asia” that passes through more than 13 countries. from the continent.

Head to the Global Village best way for Arab Tourism and enjoy live performances, theme park games, new flavors of dishes and the best shopping deals.

What can you do in The Global Village ? 

You can discover thousands of shopping stores in the global village that offer the best deals and prices.

Shoppers at this destination have the opportunity to get the best products from all over the world at discounted prices.

Discover traditional spices from India, Hello Kitty stationery from the Far East, Matryoshka dolls from Russia

wood carvings from Africa, modern goods from Europe, handmade rugs from Iran, precious Sidr honey from Yemen and many more unique souvenirs.

The “Carnival” takes the lead in this destination as it offers an exciting experience with more than 175 exciting games.

Do not miss experiencing the stunning views from the height of the “Ferris” wheel in Ain Dubai and discovering

the secret of the creepy house “The Haunted House”.

This destination provides activities and games for all ages, as well as a group of skill games and more than 100

“arcade” games, all of which give visitors the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

The Global Village - Dubai

Restaurant options 

Global Village offers delicious food inspired by international cuisines, including the Emirates, China, India and others.

You can try new and exotic dishes offered by popular food stalls scattered throughout the destination, and choose from more than 20 restaurants and cafes.

This season, the destination witnessed the launch of 10 new restaurants and cafes, in addition to many kiosks

bringing the number of food options in this destination to more than 250 restaurants. The food markets have

also been renovated with the creation of many private rooms “cabana” equipped with special concierge services

as well as the creation of two floors dedicated to distinctive dining experiences and high-end restaurants overlooking the “Dragon Lake”.

The Global Village - Dubai

Fun events at The Global Village

The Global Village hosts more than 40,000 cultural and entertainment shows each season.

Each pavilion presents live performances and entertaining plays for children and attracts popular artists.

Expect a variety of new shows, including children’s shows, cultural and social shows that introduce visitors to the

region’s civilization along the streets, and bring excitement to the hearts of spectators, including car races, bicycle and motorcycle shows.

The first Ripley’s Believe It or Not® exhibition at Global Village was considered one of the most important entertainment events last year.

It has opened again this season with the addition of interesting displays that include everything that is strange

and wonderful, in addition to interactive shows, exhibitions of strange pieces, souvenirs from “pop” culture, and much more.

In conjunction with all this enthusiastic atmosphere, visitors have the opportunity to watch the “Urban Cruise”

shows, which return this season with many artistic additions, including difficult acrobatics, while the winners of “America’s Got Talent”.

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