Qatar World Cup.. FIFA announces achieving “record revenues”

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FIFA has told its member associations that it has generated “record revenues” of $7.5 billion in 4 years from commercial deals linked to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

FIFA disclosed its earnings on Sunday to officials from its more than 200 members.

This amount increases by $1 billion over the proceeds of the previous edition of the World Cup, which was held in Russia in 2018.

And increased revenues thanks to commercial deals concluded with the host country of the World Cup. Qatar Energy Company joined the list of first class sponsors. New tier 3 sponsors include Qatar National Bank and telecom company Ooredoo.

Most of the broadcast deals for the 2022 World Cup were concluding in 2011 during Joseph Blatter’s presidency of FIFA, in bilateral deals that included the Russian and Qatar championships.

The World Cup will generate 70 billion dollars in the retail sector in the region

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A report issued by the digital consulting company, RedSeer, in partnership with TikTok, expects that the FIFA

WorldCup in Qatar, in addition to the “White Friday” sales season, will generate revenues of up to $70 billion in

the retail sector in the Middle East and North Africa until end of the current year.

The report pointed out that the World Cup in Qatar, which will start in a few days, alone will generate revenues in the electronic retail sector amounting to $8.4 billion in the region, compared to about $6.5 billion in 2021.

Aside from retail trade in the region, the report expects the WorldCup in Qatar alone to generate about $4 billion

through tourism spending, 51 percent of which comes from spending on accommodation in hotels, hotel

apartments, resorts, and others.

The report indicates that digital means will provide great opportunities for e-commerce in the region, where

digital channels dominate in the discovery of goods and products, explaining that Internet searches constituted

the first channel for consumers to buy new products during the WorldCup, followed by social media.

The report believes that the World Cup will constitute an unparalleled opportunity for different brands to benefit

from selling their products to the masses in huge, enthusiastic and interactive numbers, pointing out that the “Tik

Tok” platform recorded in 2021 more than 129 billion views of the hashtag (#football) worldwide.

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