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learn with us, all you need to know about Palm West Beach

Palm West Beach – If you are a fan of summer, sunny weather, swimming and the sea, then you are in the right

place, because we are going to talk about a very wonderful marine tourist destination

As the modern Palm West Beach destination in Palm Jumeirah is an integrated entertainment world, as it

guarantees you to enjoy the best water sports and recreational activities throughout the day Amidst distinctive views of the enchanting Dubai skyline.

About Palm West Beach

There are many unique activities that can be carried out on the Palm Jumeirah Dubai, which is considered the

largest artificial island on earth, and perhaps the most prominent of them is visiting the wonderful beach resorts

in it, such as the Atlantis Resort, The Palm Dubai, or the Palm West Beach Resort, which is a modern

entertainment destination full of fun and entertainment, with A 1.6-kilometer walkway along the Corniche and

the beach, wide green spaces with more than 300 palm trees, walking and running paths, and a selection of

famous restaurants, where you can enjoy trying various sporting activities, or relax and spend an unforgettable summer day.

Palm West Beach

Palm West Beach Dubai facilities

Whether you are staying in apartments for rent in Palm Jumeirah or in the surrounding areas, there is a plethora

of interesting and luxurious facilities that you can visit.

Palm West Beach

There is a list of these facilities: 


Palm West Beach offers a wide range of stores managed by Covent Garden Market Dubai, as it provides a range

of amazing products, such as handmade soaps, luxury beachwear and accessories, as well as products from

various famous brands.

Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel

In addition to recreational facilities, includes a hotel destination with charming beach views and

distinguished service, namely Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai, which includes 470 rooms and suites of the most

luxurious, and includes many modern facilities, such as restaurants, nightlife and health centers, which It makes it

your first choice when thinking about spending a special vacation, as it is considered one of the most famous hotels in Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Sports facilities 

You’ll be confused about where to start exercising at Palm West Beach’s many sports facilities, as it provides you with the following:

  • A 1.6 kilometer promenade along the Corniche and the beach
  • Jogging and cycling tracks
  • Yoga facilities
  • Places for walking and exercising with pets
  • Facilities for water sports, such as diving and kayaking

Palm West Beach restaurants 

There are luxurious and distinctive restaurants that you can visit and eat delicious food in an unforgettable atmosphere.

Palm West Beach restaurants include:

Coco Bay 

Coco Bay opened its doors in the new West Beach project with its stunning views of Palm Jumeirah.

The restaurant is famous for its Balinese-inspired décor, and offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy dishes from Asian and European cuisine.

It also features a wonderful atmosphere, whether inside the restaurant or in its outdoor lounge on the sands of

the beach Where you can enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, try healthy dishes, cold and refreshing drinks

and many luxurious main dishes, such as wood-grilled robata, nasi goreng, or red snapper cooked in the

Cantonese way, and this restaurant is considered one of the most prominent New restaurants in Dubai.

Palm West Beach

Signor Pico 

This restaurant offers a group of classic Mexican dishes full of colors and delicious tastes that reflect the pulse

and energy of life, where you can eat it in a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful views of the beach from the first

and second floors of the restaurant, and this is famous for its distinguished menu that includes delicious tortillas

innovative Arabic tacos and quesadillas With crunchy cheese and many more.


What is the location of Palm West Beach? 

The location is easy to reach as it is located in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. 

What are the opening times for Palm West Beach? 

You can visit the beach facilities at the following hours:     08:00 am – 12:00 midnight (daily)

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