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موعد انطلاق موسم جدة 2023 وأبرز الفعاليات – المنصة

Jeddah season 2023 when does it open

جدول فعاليات جدة 2023 – موقع نظرتي

Jeddah Season 2023 When does it open, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a lot of special events, especially the Riyadh and Jeddah seasons, which attract many visitors, and the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is preparing to unveil the 2022 Jeddah season, which begins in Jeddah through a press conference and in the presence of a number of prominent Saudi personalities and means Saudi and foreign media of this season and all relevant information.

The National Center for Seasonal Activities in Jeddah decided to open this season in Jeddah at the beginning of next May and will continue for two months by holding a press conference on the Jeddah Corniche, specifically at the Yacht Club, in the presence of all officials from all over the Kingdom and representatives of government and private agencies. The events for this season, and the identity of this season was determined to reflect the cultural diversity and political and historical elements in the city of Jeddah, in addition to the most important events that will be held this season.

Jeddah Season Festival

تفاصيل موسم جدة 2023 موقعه وأهم فعالياته – المحيط

The Jeddah Season Festival is one of the most famous festivals that takes place every year in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This festival began in 2014 AD. This festival is the largest and contains many events and activities in various fields, whether cultural or entertainment. The Jeddah Festival is one of the festivals included in Saudi Seasons Since the beginning of the season, many tourists flock in large numbers to learn about the Kingdom, its history, the main stations that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone through, in addition to the scientific fields that contributed to the development of the Kingdom.

Jeddah Season 2023 Activities

جدول فعاليات جدة 2023 – موقع نظرتي

The Saudi government begins every year to prepare for events in the city of Jeddah, and it is expected that these events will be comprehensive in more than one field, whether it is music or participation in many artistic or cultural performances and others. These activities are as follows :

International fairs.
Arab and international pieces.
Arab and international concerts.
An interactive experience and a world-class circus show.
Free programs and events.
Entertaining game.

Learn about the events of the Jeddah season :
The Jeddah Season Events Organization Department for this year has developed links to inquire about the event, its locations and how to book tickets, and this is done through the following methods

Entry via the electronic link Jeddah Season.
Sign up through the official accounts of the Jeddah Season administration on Twitter.

فعاليات "موسم جدة" الترفيهية والسياحية تستقطب 2 مليون زيارة | صفا


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