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Learn about the nature and customs of Saudi society

The Saudi culture has been strengthened and developed within the framework of Islamic legislation and teachings, one of the most honorable and holiest places on earth. Makkah and Madinah are located in the lands of Saudi Arabia. Every day during the five prayer times, prayers are called and Muslims tend to perform prayers in mosques scattered throughout the country. Thursday and Friday are days Official holidays in the country.

The Saudi official dress for men is a long dress made of cotton or wool called a dress, in addition to the shemagh, which is a piece of cotton made of cotton and striped in red and fixed on the head with a black headband, or the ghutra, which is a white cloth made of light cotton, and both are worn on the head. In some official occasions, such as holidays and weddings, some Saudis, in addition to the above, prefer to wear the bisht or the mashallah. The traditional Islamic dress for Saudi women is a black covering that covers the body and is called the abaya, in addition to the headscarf, the hijab, and sometimes the niqab. There are also places designated for men and places for women. It is customary that women do not ride a car next to a foreign driver. It is permissible for her to ride next to her mahram as it is permissible by law. .

عادات وتقاليد العرب تعرف على أشهر العادات والتقاليد العربية - بحر المعرفة
Saudi Arabia strictly forbids eating pork and drinking alcohol of all kinds, according to a vision of Islamic law. Bread and rice are considered important foods in every meal and with every meal. One of the famous dishes in Saudi Arabia is the kabsa, in addition to the gozi and the mandi. Arabic coffee is one of the most important traditions of Saudi society and one of the most important aspects of hospitality, which is usually served with dates. Also, Arabic tea, which is often mixed with mint, is one of the customs of Saudi society, which is drunk in informal meetings between friends and family to official meetings such as engagement and wedding parties.
One of the famous national customs in Saudi Arabia, which is practiced collectively, is the Ardah, which is considered the national dance in Saudi Arabia. The Najd Ardah is the product of the development of an ancient Arab custom that the Arabs have known since the pre-Islamic era in the case of war, despite the absence of texts in the ancient Arab heritage, through which it can be linked with the reality of the Ardah that is known today. Since ignorance. The Najd Ardah is – as is well known – a martial art that was performed by the people of Najd after winning the battles.

Components of culture

Religion and values.
Traditional crafts.
Novels and stories.
the language.
Folk art.
customs and traditions.

What are the characteristics of Saudi society?

Saudi society is characterized as a society of a unique kind in its ideology, which consists of a mixture of political, religious, and tribal in which things that are not usually consistent, and strange differences coexist without the presence of clash or great controversy. In addition, the nature of the Saudi people is the nature of the peoples of the continents in which there are many types of people and vary greatly.

عادات وتقاليد السعودية بالانجليزي - موسوعة ورقات

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