Last exit Al Khawaneej

Learn about wonderful place to visit in dubai, Last exit Al Khawaneej

Last exit Al Khawaneej – Meraas Real Estate Company, which is always working on developing projects and

initiatives specialized in the field of investment and real estate development, through its vision aimed at

providing an environment that contributes to providing more opportunities for communication between

members of society, as it opened the Last Exit Al Khawaneej Dubai complex as a family destination that includes many service facilities.

And recreational activities, which allow residents and visitors the opportunity to test new experiences.

About Last Exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit Al Khawaneej Dubai is an integrated city that extends over an area of ​​32 thousand square meters

uniquely designed that combines urban and rural atmospheres in a way that highlights the agricultural character

of the surrounding area, as this destination acquired its own visual identity, translated through wall paintings that

embody the rural character in a way Distinctive artwork, which at the same time make perfect backdrops for taking pictures.

The Yard (Last Exit Al Khawaneej) contains an 18-meter-high windmill, a water well, places for farm animals and

birdhouses, and traditional pick-up cars, in addition to movie theaters, large areas for exercising, and a shaded

walkway for picnics, and it is necessary to shed light On the Bridge of Promises in The Yard Dubai, which is

located next to the lake, and allows visitors the opportunity to express their feelings to their loved ones by using

symbolic locks that indicate the strong and solid relationship between them, and then they throw the key to the

lock at the bottom of the lake adjacent to the bridge. Visitors can also move to the lake and picnic areas from

Through the stone paths, where they can eat meals during their picnics or walk on the 550-meter boardwalk.

Last exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit Al Khawaneej Facilities Dubai 

Last Exit Al Khawaneej has a range of facilities that attract families to visit from all over the Emirates, including entertainment facilities and restaurants.

Last exit Al Khawaneej

Recreational facilities 

Al Khawaneej Dubai includes a range of facilities, recreational activities and other attractions for this unique park

Where children can enjoy the open spaces and practice many types of activities, such as cycling, jumping on the

trampoline, in addition to coloring and drawing. The Yard also includes special events throughout the year. 

Last Exit Al Khawaneej Restaurants 

Last Exit Al Khawaneej is home to restaurants and cafes that offer an outdoor dining experience amidst a stunning view of the quiet lake. Among the restaurants in Al Khawaneej, we mention the following:

Sushi Station

Within the list of restaurants in Al Khawaneej, we mention the Sushi Station restaurant, which specializes in

providing the most delicious and delicious types of sushi coming from the Japanese cuisine, with original and innovative flavors.

The restaurant is also distinguished by providing its meals with the highest quality standards at reasonable prices for everyone.

Do mini donut restaurant 

Du Mini Donut Restaurant is one of Al Khawaneej restaurants. It is an Emirati restaurant that serves hot and fresh mini donuts to its patrons.

Fresh donuts are prepared in front of you and in the way you like. You can also order a cup of hot coffee with your favorite donuts.

Last Exit Al Khawaneej


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