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The “Jeddah Season 2022” exceeded four million visitors a few days before the curtain came down on its last activities.

The organizers of the Jeddah Season 2022 organized an introductory tour for media representatives from news agencies, newspapers, magazines, satellite channels and radio stations from a number of Arab countries to learn about the tourism, historical, cultural and marine components of Jeddah, which was highlighted by the 2022 Jeddah Season, which started on the first day of Eid Al-Fitr and concluded with end of this month.

The tour of the press and media delegation included the African safari trip, the Mummification Museum and the Forest Walk.

It is noteworthy that the Jeddah Season in its second edition lasts for 60 days and includes 2,800 events.

What are the events of Jeddah Season 2022 ?

Many people wonder about the 2022 Jeddah season, which is a season every year for the people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other countries who come for tourism on their own. From activities such as (plays, parties, competitions, matches, wrestling, sports events for cars, virtual games) and many more. In addition, there are a number of restaurants and cafes participating in the events with strong offers and discounts, and this festival was launched as one of a long list of 11 A season was launched within the framework of the “Saudi Seasons 2022” initiative, and the festival was suspended for two years due to the Corona virus, to return in a resounding way this year.

Where will the event venues be in Jeddah season ?

This Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and tourists are also wondering about the places where the 2022 Jeddah season will be, which will be unparalleled. These places are expected to be long as the season approaches; At that time, more event locations will be announced

What are the Jeddah Season parties and how to book ?

What are the Jeddah Season parties and how to book

The announcement made for many concerts in the Jeddah season 2022 and how to book for these parties. There are many singers, stars and heroes who will visit Jeddah in this season. The previous Jeddah season hosted the biggest stars and singers of the Arab world, and this and more will be repeated in its next version and among the most prominent stars expected to be hosted during this season

  • Saudi singer Abadi Al-Johar.
  • Emirati actress Ahlam.
  • Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram.
  • Moroccan singer Asma Lamnawar.
  • The artist Caesar Arab singing Kazem El Saher.

What is the slogan for the Jeddah season 2022 ?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a slogan for the Jeddah season 2022, as it is a special and unparalleled season, and there will be many parties, entertainment and games for adults and children. The organizers of the 2022 Jeddah season revealed the visual identity of the season, which is “Our Good Days.” It will be launched on social media this year. We present it as follows.

What are the ways to communicate with Jeddah Season ?

It is the ways to communicate in the Jeddah season through Twitter or the Jeddah Season page on Instagram or in all social media sites for the 2022 Jeddah season, to inquire about the activities of the Jeddah season, make suggestions or follow up on a date. The season management provided ways to communicate with the festival, which are

  • Communication via Twitter “Jeddah Season”.
  • Enter the Jeddah Season page on Instagram.
  • Continue through the official account of the season on Facebook.

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