Get to know 5 Arab stars who starred in the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The Qatar World Cup 2022 witnessed the brilliance of the Arab teams, and achieved good results, despite the exit of 3 teams and the qualification of Moroco team to the final price round.


The Moroccan national team was the only Arab representative that managed to reach the second round, after it achieved a valuable draw against Croatia and beat Belgium and Canada.

As for Saudi Arabia, it achieved a historic victory against Argentina, but lost to Poland and Mexico, to exit the tournament.

The good results of the Arabs were also represented in Tunisia, which beat France in the last round, and tied in the first round against Denmark, before falling to Australia with a clean goal.

The participation of the Qatari team was the weakest, after falling in three matches in the group stage against Ecuador, Senegal and the Netherlands.

In light of this Arab brilliance, 5 Arab stars emerged in the World Championship, which is held for the first time on Arab soil, as they performed a performance that caught the attention of European clubs.

Hakim Ziyech (Morocco)

حكيم زياش يعود إلى تشكيلة المنتخب المغربي - جريدة الغد

Chelsea and Moroco star Hakim Ziyech is the most prominent Arab player who starred with their countries in the group stage, after he performed exceptionally with the Atlas Lions.

Ziyash was living a difficult period in Chelsea, where he was less relied upon, and became a reserve player in important matches, but his performance with the national team, and his ability to settle matches, could lead Ziyash to a new European team.

Salem Al-Dosari (Saudi Arabia)

السعودية تحقق "معجزة كروية".. وتقهر الأرجنتين بقيادة ميسي | الحرة

The name of the Saudi star, Salem Al-Dosari, emerged in this tournament, especially in the match in which the Greens defeated Argentina in the first round of the group stage.

Al-Dossary’s move to Europe may be difficult now, because he is over the age of thirty, and the Al-Hilal administration adheres to him, but we will certainly see an attempt to sign him in January.

Al-Dosari completed his brilliance and scored a second skillful goal in the World Cup against Mexico, before leaving the tournament with Al-Akhdar.

Soufiane Amrabat (Morocco)

Soufiane Amrabat (Morocco)
Soufiane Amrabat (Morocco)

Soufiane-Amrabat, another Moroco star, drew attention in Morocco’s World Cup matches, and many sports sites considered him the most prominent midfielder during the group stage.

In recent days, news began to spread about the interest of major English Premier League clubs in contracting with Amrabat, but his Italian club Fiorentina confirmed his adherence to the Moroccan star until the end of the season, at least.

Issa Al-Aidouni (Tunisia)

Issa Al-Aidouni (Tunisia)
Issa Al-Aidouni (Tunisia)

In the Tunisian national team, Issa Al-Aidouni emerged as a safety valve in the midfield, fought during the three matches, and performed at a very high level with the “Carthage Eagles”, to obtain the highest ratings.

Experts considered that Al-Aidouni’s combativeness and talent in the middle were among the most important reasons why Tunisia received only one goal during the tournament, and classified it as “the best line of defense in the World Cup.”

Nossir Mazraoui (Morocco)

Nossir Mazraoui (Morocco)
Nossir Mazraoui (Morocco)

Mazraoui faced a real challenge when the Moroco national team coach, Walid Rekragui, decided to enter him in the tournament, on the left side, because the star of the team, Ashraf Hakimi, occupies the right side.

But Mazraoui caught the eye with his new position, made 3 world-class matches, and showed that he is a player of great value, who can deal with changes and pressures.

His brilliance may mean relying on him more in crucial matches, by his giant club, Bayern Munich.

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