Enjoy a busy day on the Doha Corniche

Enjoy a nature walk along the legendary 7-kilometre Crescent Walk

كورنيش الدوحة في قطر | سائح

You can always catch his eye on websites, in holiday brochures or in Instagram posts. Yes, it is the Corniche. Welcome to the Doha Corniche, a strip that attracts an unimaginable amount of attention.

The Corniche extends from the Sheraton Hotel located at the northern end with its distinctive pyramidal shape to the Museum of Islamic Art in the south, and although these two landmarks in themselves represent a destination worth visiting, the walkway that extends between them and is surrounded by palm trees is what makes the area a magnet for Qataris, expatriates and tourists.

In addition to this, the destination is full of restaurants, clubs, parks and cultural landmarks, ensuring that everyone enjoys times full of fun and happiness.


الكورنيش | زوروا قطر

Doha Corniche is one of the most prominent attractions in Doha, and it extends over a wonderful promenade overlooking the calm waterfront for a length of seven kilometers. The Corniche wraps around Doha Bay in the shape of a crescent; It provides the best views of the modern city skyline; Which makes it a center for many events, such as the National Day celebrations and the State Sports Day. You can enjoy watching the traditional wooden dhows (the mahamees) light up the corniche in the evening while strolling around the bay or take a boat ride to enjoy the magnificent view of the city.


As for the lush greenery, the area is not limited to glittering skyscrapers and stunning architecture; The Sheraton Hotel’s garden is an ideal destination for picnics, cycling and scenic walks. The pyramidal hill in the park offers fantastic views of the stunning West Bay area. You can play football, basketball, volleyball, tennis or just ride a bike to enjoy some fun time away.

Dafna Park

أشهر 8 من حدائق الدوحة الترفيهية نُرشحها لك - عالم السفر

Dafna Park is located south of the Sheraton, and it is one of the most beautiful parks in Doha. This delightful space sparkles with vibrant flora, including trees such as neem, palms, and olives as well as seasonal flowers, along with sweeping views of the bay. Don’t miss enjoying the boat ride, visiting the restaurant and letting the kids have fun in their play area.

Al Bidda Park

Al Bidda Park – We welcome you to come and explore the park at your leisure

Al Bidda Park features fun amusement areas that include swings and slides. Can you believe that it also includes free slide tracks! Skiers spend hours here, while adults play tennis, basketball and volleyball, visit the gym, and the experience often ends with a barbecue at the end of the day in the golden sun.
Look to your right and see the manicured lawns, bodies of water and the impressive façade of the Emir’s Palace, seat of Qatar’s government.



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