Dubai’s outdoor seating restaurants – Best ones

We collected for you the most beautiful restaurant terraces in Dubai

Dubai’s outdoor seating restaurants – Outdoor sessions are sweet during this weather of the year, and most Dubai restaurants have opened their outdoor terraces to welcome the new season.

We collected for you the most beautiful restaurant terraces in Dubai.

Arab tourism collected for you the most beautiful restaurant terraces in Dubai Dubai’s outdoor seating restaurants

Shimmers best Dubai’s outdoor seating restaurants

The restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Mina A’Salam Hotel, and occupies a privileged location overlooking the Burj Al Arab and close to the beach.

It is also considered the ideal destination for tourists in the winter season. It is famous for serving Greek-style

appetizers, which the restaurant masterfully distributes on the tables to draw aesthetic paintings that amaze its visitors.

Dubai's outdoor seating restaurants


This restaurant shines with one of the most beautiful terraces in Dubai with its twinkling lights and charming

views of the Dubai International Financial Center, and regardless of its location in the city center, it is a wonderful romantic haven.

The restaurant’s position is enhanced by its distinctive food, which combines various cuisines, such as Iraqi, Egyptian, Moroccan, and even Lebanese and Turkish cuisine.

Dubai's outdoor seating restaurants


This restaurant, which supervised by the famous chef Izu, offers a delicious menu of European cuisine.

It is an ideal choice for special occasions, thanks to its beautiful decoration, location in the Emirates Golf Club

and its charming view of the golf courses.

It also offers a wonderful selection of desserts, as well as a group of delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Foley bestDubai’s outdoor seating restaurants 

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet evening or a wonderful dinner, the outdoor terrace of Foley Restaurant

guarantees you a great time thanks to its stunning views of the canals of Madinat Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab and the

Arabian Gulf, and it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular places in Dubai.

La Cantine du Faubourg 

They say that Paris is the city of love, and visiting this restaurant is the closest thing to living French romance in


The restaurant shines with an elegant theme and has a wonderful terrace decorated with trees and twinkling

lights. Its menu also includes an impressive selection of delicious French dishes.

Dubai's outdoor seating restaurants


If you are looking for a destination to enjoy a special meal in a lively atmosphere, head to this beach restaurant.

It offers a mixture of dishes from around the world, but with a unique Greek touch, and sparkles with a wonderful

view of the Arabian Gulf, and is a charming destination at any time of the day.

Dubai's outdoor seating restaurants

NOEPE one of Dubai’s outdoor seating restaurants

This distinctive restaurant known for its coastal decor inspired by the Cape Cod Peninsula and its stunning creek view.

Its balcony is wonderful with its location by the waterfront and its mesmerizing atmosphere. You can relax and

watch the yachts crossing the creek during the day, while the sight of the fire in the evening adds a lively

atmosphere to the place. And his food is no less amazing.

Dubai's outdoor seating restaurants

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