Al Seef … A heritage destination with a modern touch

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Al Seef – Dubai Creek was in the past a famous destination for pearl diving, and it is one of the beautiful places

for tourism and enjoying with the family, and it still enjoys an important position to this day, as fishermen and merchants

cross its waters on board boats daily. The Al Seef project extends 1.8 km from Dubai Creek Beach, and occupies

an area of ​​2.5 million square feet.

In it, you will find a heritage section that reflects the old architectural style, as well as a contemporary section that includes new and modern buildings.

Al Seef ... A heritage destination with a modern touch

Both sections include a variety of options of restaurants, cafes and shops that meet All tastes.

To enjoy an integrated experience of shopping, entertainment, and recreation, you can join a cultural tour in the

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, then walk around the Al Seef project to discover the wonderful alleys, the

marina, the Boulevard of restaurants, cafes, and the events square. You must visit the Al Seef Market in Dubai, in

which you will find a variety From local stores and world-famous brands to highlight the authenticity of the

heritage and hospitality of the Emirates.

The project includes 500 stores and restaurants and 3 hotels divided between a heritage hotel with 200 rooms, a

modern and modern hotel with about 150 rooms, and another modern and luxurious hotel with 200 rooms, in

addition to the availability of water taxi services, sailing ships and private marine yachts.

The traditional Al Seef market, Dubai 

The Al Seef Dubai project strengthened the civilized face of the Emirate of Dubai and merged it with its heritage

character, through the development of many traditional markets that include shops with an old architectural style

and an authentic heritage character, all inspired by the fifties of the last century to reflect the life of the people of

the emirate in that period.

Al Seef ... A heritage destination with a modern touch

Seef Marina “Seef Walk” 

Located in Old Dubai and featuring 68 berths backed by excellent marina services, Al Seef Marina is a bustling

destination surrounded by the authentic culture and heritage of Dubai.

Located in old Dubai, the private jetty of Seef has a luxurious modern touch. Families can enjoy wonderful picnics

on the promenade, where they explore, shop, dine, relax and enjoy very beautiful views.

Al Seef restaurants 

Indulge in traditional Emirati cuisine or sample international delicacies at Al Seef Resort, a contemporary country shopping destination that brings together Dubai’s past and future.

This area is full of a group of distinctive restaurants that serve dishes from various international and local cuisines, to satisfy all tastes of food lovers.

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