Al Bidda Park is a unique destination for fans outside the stadiums

Al Bidda Park

Al Bidda Park is one of the oldest and most famous parks in the State of Qatar, and one of the parks that combine various elements of nature in one place, near Doha Corniche.

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The park, which extends over one million and 765 thousand square meters of green spaces, will be one of the most prominent destinations for fans of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, as it will have the largest share of the events accompanying the World Cup, most notably the official FIFA Festival for Fans, which will witness various entertainment activities.

changing the name

Before 2018, Al Bidda Park was known as Al Rumaila Park, and it closed in 2014 for renovation, before reopening

on February 13, 2018, after extensive redevelopment and expansion.

During the World Cup, Al Bidda Park will be a stage for receiving tens of thousands of fans from all over the

world through the FIFA Fan Festival, which is a major landmark in the Qatar World Cup, as it embodies a new

vision in the entertainment experience outside the stadium walls during the period from November 20 to

December 20, 2022, from ten o’clock. morning until two at night.

The International Federation of Football Associations previously announced the launch of the Fan Festival during

the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in Al Bidda Park for 29 days, in order to enjoy football through various

entertainment activities, and it will also be an area for presenting Qatari culture outside the walls of the eight

World Cup stadiums.

حديقة البدع وجهة فريدة لجماهير المونديال خارج أسوار الملاعب

The festival can accommodate more than 40,000 people, to represent a unique destination that hosts various

entertainment events for football fans from all over the world, to enjoy the most wonderful times, with huge

screens broadcasting matches live in the open air, in addition to watching performances of the best international

and local music acts and live tracks by the most famous artists. , shows and other entertainment activities, and a

wide variety of food and drinks, which guarantees the audience dazzling times full of fun and entertainment.

Al-Bidaa Park consists of 3 separate areas: Al-Rumaila area, which is characterizing by gardens of an engineering

nature, Al-Bidaa area with its green spaces and private sessions with landscapes, and Wadi Al-Sail area, with its

panoramic views and vast open spaces.

The garden contains 1,766 trees, and there are more than 514 thousand square meters of herbal gardens, and

the plants and trees in Al Bidda Garden cover 274 thousand and 520 square meters. With a rubber floor, it also

provides 6 parking spaces with a capacity of 4428 cars, and the garden is equipping with television surveillance

cameras to provide security and safety for visitors.

Al Bidda Park includes many sites, including: The historic site of Wadi Al-Sail, which is located in the far northern,

elevated part of the park, and is considered a natural haven for wildlife. West Bay.

The entire park is rich in wildlife and diverse flora in order to encourage wildlife. Due to its geographical location,

the State of Qatar attracts a large number of migratory birds, many of which stop at Al Bidda Park during their

long journey.

The perennial trees in the garden are now the same as those in the real estate gardens that used to occupy the

current garden site. The garden now contains 1,766 trees, including the Sidr tree, which is a symbolic tree in

Qatari culture. It also includes other types of trees, including Ghaf and Acacia trees, both of which are know for

their ability to withstand high temperatures.

Native Middle Eastern plants are using in a large number of areas of the garden to reflect the region’s ecology.

These plants are an ideal habitat for the local wildlife, and the monument in the garden is a well-known and

beloved landmark that dates back to the ancient Bidda Garden period.

In July 2018, the steel bridge structure was constructing in an artistic and creative way in order to connect Wadi

Al-Sail with Al-Rumaila Park.

An iconic structure in its design and purpose, the bridge is an ideal vantage point for viewing Doha’s glittering

skyline and majestic sunrises and sunsets.

Water fountains and waterfalls are the perfect centerpiece for the garden, with a café with outdoor seating to

enjoy the sound of running water and the landscape, as well as shaded tables for family picnics, nestled between

elegant white marble flower beds.

The view of the modern Doha skyline of stone terraces is among the best in the park, and this area is located at

the center of cultural activities in Al Bidda Park, which includes children’s entertainment, outdoor cinema shows,

and concerts.

The flag of the State of Qatar rises above the top of a tiered structure of stone terraces, and it is worth it to climb

to the top of this peak to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire park and the skyline of Doha.

The garden includes barbecue stations and shaded sessions specially equipped for this purpose throughout the three areas of the garden.

Al Bidda Park has a program of walking and guided tours, with a walkway covering all sides of the park.

The park has 8 well-equipped play areas throughout, from sand dunes and climbing games to swings and rope climbing.

The entire park represents one large play area for children, and in some areas there is a network of paths for

bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards.

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