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Activities of the new Hail season 2022

It is one of the largest diverse artistic and recreational events in a number of archaeological and tourist sites and public parks, during which the region receives visitors from different countries of the world.​


The history of the Hail region extends to prehistoric times, passing through the pre-Islamic and Islamic eras, as it was one of the most secure places in the Arabian Peninsula, and this protected it from the invasion of the kings of Al-Hira in Iraq as well as the Ghassanid kings in the Levant, until the unification of the kingdom in 1351 AH (1932 AD).

Hail is one of the centers of ancient civilizations that lived through the Assyrians and Babylonians, as evidenced by ancient monuments and inscriptions on stones and rocks from the writings of the Thamudians, Safavids and others, which represent an attractive historical tourist heritage.

Hail is associated with the famous legend represented by the character of Hatim Al-Tai, known for his generosity of the fayyad. Hail was also associated with the ancient historical paths of trade caravans and pilgrims. Hail gave birth to a number of poets and writers, and was visited by a number of well-known European travelers in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, although traveling to it was difficult and difficult.

Geographical location

أبرز فعاليات موسم حائل 2020 في المملكة العربية السعودية

The Hail region is located in the center of the northern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its lands extend between latitudes 25 and 29 North, and longitudes 38 and 42 East, and are surrounded by five administrative regions: Al-Jawf, Northern Borders, Tabuk, Medina, and Al-Qassim.

The Hail region is distinguished by its strategic location, which has given it special importance, because it is a crossing for the land routes of countries located in the north and north-east of the Kingdom, where travelers head to Makkah and the rest of the Kingdom’s cities through it. The area of ​​Hail is estimated at 118,232 thousand km2, occupying about 6% of the total The area of ​​the Kingdom, and it consists of four main administrative divisions, which include three governorates and the center of the region, and includes 66 administrative centers.

The climate of the region

حائل ودعت موسمها بالألعاب النارية

The climate of the Hail region is continental. During the summer, the weather is hot, and the temperature ranges between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, and with sunset the temperatures drop, and the climate becomes moderate. In winter, the weather is cold, and temperatures range between 5 to 15 degrees Celsius, and the temperature sometimes drops to below zero. Rain falls in the winter and spring, and winds of various directions blow over the region during the year, with an average speed of no more than 10 km / h. Perhaps the best season to visit Hail is spring, when the weather is mild with rain.

culture and heritage

Hail is the bride of the desert, the area of ​​generosity, hospitality and good reception, the cradle of culture and heritage tourism. This is an ancient urban heritage of cities and villages, which contained the most beautiful traditional houses and palaces, distinguished by their architectural and decorative styles, which the hearts and eyes admire.

In Hail there are also a number of traditional crafts and industries spread from east to west and from north to south. The places of artisans and popular markets reek of the ancient past of a Ha’ili community that built a prosperous civilization of customs, traditions, values, systems and customs according to the foundations and principles of Islamic Sharia.

In Hail, you enjoy the traditional literary arts such as poetry, stories, tales and legends, and enjoy the traditional performing arts, where folk performances, singing and various chants, and watch and practice a variety of heritage sports such as equestrian, purebred Arabian horse races, Arab camels, falcon hunting and greyhound dogs. In Hail, you can see types of fashion, ornaments, folk utensils, and rich and diverse types of popular foods, not only at the level of the Kingdom, but also at the level of neighboring countries.

environment and nature

مدن في السعودية: الأنشطة في مدينة حائل - الموقع الرسمي للسياحة السعودية

It includes beautiful highlands and desert landscapes, plant and animal life, including many types of wildlife, although the number of animals is small in most areas. There are also some caves, volcanoes, and beautiful highlands with a breathtaking view and a gentle breeze.

Sports and adventures

Hail is famous for various types of sports and adventures associated with the beautiful nature of the region, such as climbing the Aja Mountains, which have suitable places for climbing enthusiasts. There is also fishing in Hail in various seasons of the year, and on the sands of Nafud there is a lot of “sneaking” for fans of the sand challenge with four-wheel drive vehicles. Also, sand boarding.

Fans of authentic sports have a field in the region, such as equestrianism, for which the people of Hail have been famous since ancient times, as well as archery, which is a popular hobby. However, a shooting rifle licensed by the competent authorities in the Kingdom is required to practice it. Football is a widely popular sport in the region. It is a popular sport in the Kingdom.

Hail Festivals

إطلاق رالي حائل في ديسمبر المقبل | الشرق الأوسط

• Hail International Rally, which was launched in 2006 AD, where it met with great success and huge public turnout from inside and outside the Kingdom, and this is the best witness to the success of the Hail region. The international rally under the name of the Great Envoy Challenge, and thus Hail has become on the international map of world rallies, and the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities aims to involve all members of society, as the authority sponsored the events accompanying the rally.

• The International Desert Festival, which was held in 2008.. Where the region enjoys cultural, heritage, and long-standing customs and traditions, it was possible to employ them through this festival to contribute to providing an important element for the development of the tourism movement in the region and to highlight the elements of Hail tourism, and to be an addition to the success achieved by the region in organizing Hail Rally and the accompanying events led by His Highness the Emir of the region and His Highness his deputy and their push for the wheel of tourism development in the Hail region and the Tourism Development Council and the support it received from the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage to make Hail a distinct tourist destination.. It witnessed in its first organization the participation of some Arab communities in the Kingdom and the region seeks Over the coming years to international participation.

• Summer festivals.. During the summer, the region is characterized by its relatively mild atmosphere.. During the summer vacation, many festivals are held in several locations, whether in the city of Hail or in the governorates or cities and villages affiliated to it, aiming through them to diversify the activities and their presence in several sites to stimulate tourism.

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