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موسم الرياض 2022 يحتضن أكثر من 8500 فعالية وتجارب مميزة
Riyadh season

The Riyadh season is back again, which will be “beyond imagination”. This season, there will be experiments and exhibitions from all over the world in the heart of Riyadh. The season has 15 regions, and each region is diverse and different from the second. This version of the Riyadh season has exhibitions and activities for everyone. In short, get ready for the “beyond imagination” season.

Season kicks off

Season kicks off

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, announced, through his official account on the social networking site Twitter, the numbers and statistics of the third session of the Riyadh season 2022, which is scheduled to open on October 21, amid a global ceremony with the participation of Cirque du Soleil, to open Its door is open to the public on October 22, 2022.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, the season this world will include more than 8,500 days of activities and experiences in 15 regions, each with a different entertainment character from the other. International, 108 interactive experiences, 17 Arab plays, 7 international exhibitions, 240 stores and more than 150 musical shows, in addition to 252 restaurants and cafes.

Riyadh Season 2022 Zones

The idea of choosing the “Above Imagination” slogan for the third edition of the Riyadh Season 2022 came to express the unprecedented events that the season will witness this year, according to what was mentioned on the official website of the Riyadh season. Park, Little Riyadh, Winter Wonderland, Boulevard World, Boulevard Riyadh City, Souq Al Zal, Zoo Riyadh, Al Suwaidi Park, Grover District, Via Riyadh, Al Murabba, Riyadh Sky, Zaman Village, Fan Festival, Riyadh Front.

  • Winter Wonderland
    • Riyadh hosts Winter Wonderland, the largest amusement park in its third season, combining adventures and games with a unique experience for family and friends. More than 80 games and different experiences of all kinds, including exciting games and family and children’s games, as well as various characters and musical performances.
  • Boulevard World
    • An entertainment area in which diverse experiences of nine countries from around the world gather, and it includes the largest artificial lake in the world, the Iria area of Las Vegas, and the largest spherical theater in the world, with exciting games suitable for all age groups.
  • Boulevard Riad City
    • Everything in it is beyond imagination, with its giant illuminated screens that evoke the spirit of Time Square, and its corners filled with activities such as the dancing fountain and gardens, and a large number of shops and international and local restaurants. In addition to promising theaters with fantasy shows, and the largest cinema in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Boulevard receives its visitors every day with love and enthusiasm, to live an experience that will not be repeated, and an imagination greater than the imaginations they imagined.
    • The oldest heritage market in Riyadh in its new form in the season, where you can enjoy musical performances and folk dances, a place that combines entertainment and heritage in the spirit of the ancient Zal market.
  • Riyadh Zoo
    • The zoo was founded in 1987 and now it’s back to us with its new look! With more than 1,300 animals from 190 species in 6 protected areas, many experiences in each area!
  • Suwaidi Park
    • Every week a different culture hosts a fun way of eating, music, enjoying entertainment shows and folk dancing for each country.

The most important events

  1. Roaming Live Shows
  2. Bazaar area
  3. carnival area
  4. farm
  5. Betty Cafe
  6. Grand Cafe
  7. Alnakheel
  8. Etoile
  9. Dakhna

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